Artisans Trail Network


Under the leadership of Natalie Wills, Director of Tourism and Marketing for Shenandoah County, the County is embarking on a new public-private initiative to further strengthen the County’s overall tourism program and its focus on the County’s special places, unique experiences and quality products.

According to Ms. Wills, "The Artisan Trail will be a great venue for showcasing the talented artisans and agri-artisans in the County. The strong relationship that the Artisan Center of Virginia has with the Virginia Tourism Corporation, along with the enthusiastic staff and board of the ACV, were big factors in helping to make this decision. The trail will add significantly to the marketing value of Shenandoah County as a tourist destination within the Shenandoah Valley.”

In addition to the craft, artist and agricultural artisan businesses, supporting sites such as locally owned lodging, restaurants and cultural points of interest are welcome to become participants on the trail.

Individuals and businesses in the Shenandoah County region who wish to become a trail site can request the “Artisan Trail Network Tool-Kit” explaining the participation criteria and program details by contacting the Artisans Center of Virginia at or visiting the website at Artisan Trail Network.